Normally, our eyes’ lenses are clear, allowing for clear vision. However, as we get older some of us can notice cloudy areas developing and impairing our ability to see properly. These areas are called cataracts and while they are most common in those in their late 50s and older, there are cases where infants and children develop them as well. If you have noticed clouded areas in your field of vision, we welcome you to get in touch with Dr. Gordon here at Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics today.

What Are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

Cataracts cause the light that hits the back of the eye to scatter, which makes it difficult for the eye to focus properly. This can result in blurry vision, poor night vision, greater light sensitivity, dull color vision, and hazy vision. Because they develop slowly, you may have small blurred patches for some time before you notice a serious impairment in your sight.

Why Do I Have Cataracts?

There are some cases of inherited cataracts appearing in infants, but usually, they occur simply as a consequence of aging. Moreover, these issues may be more likely to develop if:

  • You have diabetes
  • You are a smoker
  • You excessively drink alcohol
  • You have poor nutrition
  • You are exposed to too much sunlight

Is Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

In severe cases, surgery may be something to consider. When you arrive for your appointment, Dr. Gordon can provide you with an eye exam to determine if surgery is really the best choice for your particular situation. Studies show that cataract surgeries tend to have more successful outcomes after dry eye treatment with the TempSure® Envi device. If you’re interested in this non-invasive dry eye solution, we can provide it here in our office.

Older man receiving an eye exam

How Do We Treat Cataracts at Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics?

If you live in the Westchester area, you should schedule regular exams with Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics to maintain optimal eye health. We will monitor your cataracts and may adjust your prescription or provide you with an anti-glare lens coating to mitigate the effect of this problem on your sight. If the cataracts’ size or location is noticeably interfering with your vision, they can be removed surgically.


Why Choose Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics?

At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we treat all manner of eye conditions. Our licensed optometrist, Dr. Steven Gordon, has been practicing for over 30 years and is one of the few optometrists who is also trained as an optician, with a mastery of beautiful, boutique eyeglass frames. We will perform your eye exam in a relaxed, comfortable environment, provide any needed eye treatment, and can present you with an amazing and unique selection of boutique eyeglass frames should you need corrective lenses.

Contact Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics for Cataract Treatment in Katonah, NY

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