Guide to Frame Selection

Prescription Eyeglasses

Do you struggle with farsightedness or nearsightedness? If you have difficulty seeing, Dr. Gordon can provide you with a vision exam to determine the ideal prescription for you. Once we’ve determined what lens thickness is most appropriate, we can discuss frame selection. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we offer a range of boutique frame styles imported from Europe and made to be exceptionally comfortable and attractive.


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Click through the face shapes to see what types of frames are recommended.

Oval face shape

Oval faces are proportional, with narrowing at the forehead and chin. Most lenses look good for those with this face type.

Triangle face shape

Triangular faces have wider foreheads and narrower chins as well as angular cheeks. The best frames for this face type tend to be round, cat eye, and wayfare.

Diamond face shape

Diamond features include a narrower forehead and chin. Angular, edgy frames are best for complimenting your naturally sharp features.

Square face shape

Square faces are proportional and tend to be longest along the forehead and jawline. Aviators and browline frames will look great on you.

Round face shape

Round faces are proportional with equal length and width. Angular, wide frame shapes will compliment you best, adding the illusion of length to your features.

Heart face shape

Heart faces feature wider foreheads and narrow chins as well as rounded cheeks. Cat eye glasses and rectangular frames act as a natural complement.

Oblong face shape

Oblong features are perfectly rounded both near the forehead and down at the chin. You should opt for wider frames and square eyeglass styles.

Consultations for Sunglasses

In most cases, the sunglasses you find at a department store are not fit for protecting your eyes. At the very least, you need sunglasses that offer substantial UV protection. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we offer a large selection of beautiful sunglasses to meet both your UV protection and aesthetic needs. Use the frame guide to determine your ideal design based on your head shape.

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