Most of us get headaches from time to time, and they are usually nothing to concern ourselves with too much. A few aspirins and some bed rest often do the trick. However, if you are getting consistent migraines, it may be a sign of a greater problem. Often, that problem has something to do with your eye health. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we can provide you with the diagnostic testing needed to determine the correlation between your pain and the condition of your eyes.


What is the Connection Between Headaches and Eye Health?

Your eyes are connected to your nervous system, so it is no surprise that something that affects your eyes also sometimes affects the pain centers in your head. One of the most common eye-related migraine causes is eye strain. This is where your eyes simply have to work too hard to focus, causing you to overuse your eye muscles, which creates a strain that manifests itself in the eyes and the head, causing headaches.

In the digital age, where people are focused on screens for a large portion of the day, this problem has become much more pronounced.

What Are Some Other Eye-Related Headache Causes?

Although eye strain is the most common eye-related headache cause, it is not the only one. Other potential causes include:

  • Monocular vision
  • Ocular migraines
  • Glaucoma

Even just having the wrong lens prescription (or no vision correction) can cause headaches as your eyes struggle to keep the picture in focus.

Man with a migraine pinching the bridge of his nose

How Do We Treat Headaches?

When you come in for your comprehensive eye exam, let Dr. Gordon know that you have been experiencing headaches. He will perform a full range of tests to determine if the source of your pain is eye health-related. We often find that computer vision syndrome is a big culprit in these cases. If you spend a large portion of your day in front of the computer or viewing a screen, there is a good chance that it is at least in part responsible for your headaches.

How Can Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics Help Me?

Dr. Gordon has extensive experience in treating computer vision syndrome, so if he determines that this is the source of your pain, the doctor can put you on a customized treatment plan designed to reduce strain on your eyes. This will allow you to continue your normal activities while experiencing less eye pain and fewer headaches. If you need corrective lenses, we have a unique selection of beautiful boutique eyeglass frames and Dr. Gordon can assemble your eyeglasses in-house, so you get a great custom fit and don’t have to wait weeks for the glasses to come in from some warehouse on the other side of the country.

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