Contact Lens Exams

While some people are comfortable with wearing glasses, others can find the look difficult to pull off. In some cases, those with poor eyesight may even feel annoyed at the prospect of wearing glasses all day long. In both of those instances, contact lenses may be more suitable. Whether you’ve never tried contact lenses before or you can’t seem to find a set that works for you, the first step is to inquire about a contact lens exam. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we offer comprehensive contact lens exams in a comfortable environment to help find you the right pair of lenses for your needs and vision.


Why Are Contact Lens Exams Important?

Like corrective lenses, contact lenses are not all the same. Each pair of contact lenses must be made in accordance with a very specific prescription to meet the needs of the eyes. Those with myopia, for example, will need a different shape of contact lens than those with hyperopia. A contact lens exam will make sure you have the right prescription and the right fit for your contact lenses.

Are Contact Lenses Right for Me?

These days, almost everyone who needs vision correction can wear contact lenses. There was a time when certain conditions, such as astigmatism, made it difficult to wear contacts. Often only rigid or gas-permeable lenses would work. However, recent innovations in the field have made toric lenses readily available. Unlike older designs, toric lenses are soft and comfortable but still provide the required vision correction.

Contacts are available for people who normally need bifocals and for other conditions as well.  If you are interested in contact lenses, please ask us about the appropriate lenses for your eye condition during your eye exam.

Contact Lens going onto an eye after Contact Lens Exams

Why Do My Contact Lenses Feel Uncomfortable?

Some people tend to have a difficult time wearing contact lenses due to irritation. If you have tried contacts in the past and noticed an increase in itchiness, redness, or dryness, you may have contact lens-induced dry eye. If you would like to wear contacts but struggle with this issue, we can provide our TempSure® Envi treatment. This radiofrequency device can improve the lubrication of your eyes without surgery or discomfort, making contacts much more comfortable to wear.

Why Choose Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics?

Dr. Steven Gordon is well known as the local expert in eye care and vision exams here in the Westchester area. He has over 30 years of experience and has conducted thousands of contact lens exams. He will give you a complete eye exam which will include a visual acuity test, a contrast sensitivity test, and a general eye health examination to determine whether contacts are right for you. If so, he will provide the prescription you need. We can then order the lenses for you so you can start wearing them as soon as possible. Along with prescription lenses, we also offer cosmetic options for addressing imperfection or eye color issues.

Contact Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics for Contact Lens Exams in Katonah, NY

We want to help you get the perfect lenses so you can enjoy clear vision as soon as possible. For this reason, we proudly offer contact lens exams to those in need of help with their eyesight. Schedule your contact lens exam today by calling us at (914) 232-5770 or submitting the form below.