Eye and Vision Exams

Eye health is critically important and too often neglected. Regular eye and vision exams, in particular, are vital to your continued good eyesight. If you are located in Katonah or anywhere in the Westchester area and have not had an eye exam in over a year, you will want to contact Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics to set up your comprehensive eye exam appointment as soon as possible. We can provide you with the testing and prescription eyewear you need to improve your eyesight and look great.


Why Are Eye and Vision Exams Necessary?

Some very serious eye conditions, like glaucoma, often have no symptoms until the disease has progressed. When it comes to these kinds of eye concerns, the sooner the problem is discovered, the better your chances of preventing or managing any potential vision loss. Regular eye exams are therefore essential for early detection and treatment.

In addition, the eyes change often as you get older, and you may be walking around with less than the optimal prescription and not even know it. A vision exam at Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics can help make sure you have the precise prescription for the best vision.

What Would My Vision Exam Entail?

When you come to Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics for your eye exam, Dr. Steven Gordon will give you a comprehensive eye examination that includes testing with a phoropter, autorefractor, and other state-of-the-art equipment. He will test your visual acuity and contrast sensitivity to identify any problems and recommend the perfect prescription if necessary.

He will also administer eye health tests to make sure your eyes are in good condition and ward off or start to treat any potential eye problems before they significantly affect your vision.

A kid during an eye exam

What if I Need Glasses?

Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, Dr. Gordon offers a range of beautiful eyeglass styles. To find the best pair for your particular head shape, feel free to use our frame selection guide. Alternately, if you’re interested in contact lenses, we can provide those as well. If you opt for contact lenses and experience any dryness or irritation, we can provide you with a safe and effective TempSure® Envi treatment. This device uses radiofrequency energy to improve eye lubrication without the need for surgery or potentially uncomfortable medications.

Why Choose Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics?

Our licensed optometrist, Dr. Gordon, has over 30 years of experience administering eye exams, delivering prescriptions, and providing other high-quality eye care services. Whether you need new corrective lenses for myopia, hyperopia, or a similar condition or you are looking for the right exercises to reduce or eliminate computer vision syndrome, Dr. Gordon can help. He is also trained as an optician and can help create custom eyewear for you in-house. You will receive first-class eye care in a comfortable environment every time you come to visit us at Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics.

Contact Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics for Eye Exams in Katonah, NY

Remember, regularly scheduled eye and vision exams are the keys to good eye health. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we’re happy to provide these exams and serve your other eye care needs as well. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at (914) 232-5770 or fill out and submit the form below.