Prescription Eyeglasses

Thanks to technology, we now rely on our eyes more than ever before. Unfortunately, the use of computers has taken a toll on our eye health, significantly affected our ability to see clearly. If you have been finding it difficult to read, drive, or perform other tasks that require your eyes, you may need prescription eyeglasses. At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, we offer testing services, along with glasses and contact lens prescription to help you address whatever vision problems you may have.


Why Do I Need Prescription Eyeglasses?

Prescription eyeglasses may be necessary if you are struggling with farsightedness or nearsightedness. Moreover, if you find that prolonged computer use has put a strain on your eyes, you may benefit from a vision test and subsequent prescription lenses as well. In some cases, people may find it hard to differentiate contrasting tones in the dark. If this is the case for you, getting glasses or contacts can be a good choice.

What Are the Types of Prescription Eyeglasses?

Single Vision Lenses

The most common type of prescription eyeglasses is single vision lenses. You need these glasses if you are specifically nearsighted or farsighted, or if you have astigmatism. With single vision lenses, the entire lens is one prescription that corrects near or far vision, allowing you to see clearly.

Man with curly hair wearing prescription eyeglasses

Progressive Lenses

Many people today are enjoying progressive lenses. These lenses are for people who have astigmatism, presbyopia, or other complex issues. In some cases, these lenses may be a better choice than single vision lenses for those who need help with both near and far vision. In the case of these glasses, the lens offers different levels of support depending on the area you’re looking through.

Bifocal and Trifocal Lenses

We also offer bifocals and trifocals, which are similar to progressive lenses, except they feature visible seams that create a distinction between lens sections. These were the precursors to the progressive lens, but some people may prefer them over the newer lens design.

Why Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics?

At Katonah Eye Care + Aesthetics, you will get the ideal prescription eyeglasses more quickly than you could ever expect. This is because Dr. Steven Gordon is not only an experienced optometrist, he is also trained as an optician, making him familiar with prescription eyewear styles and functions. He can not only determine your prescription quickly and accurately, but he can also show you a selection of bold, attractive, and unique eyeglass frames to fit your style and personality perfectly.

Get Your Prescription Eyeglasses in Katonah, NY

If you are having vision problems, it may be time to consider getting a new pair of eyeglasses. Here at our Katonah office, we can provide both testing and prescription services to help you improve your vision. To schedule an eye exam or browse our selection of frames, simply call us at (914) 232-5770 or fill out and submit the form below today.