Man putting a contact lens in his eye

Getting Used to Contacts

Contacts are a smart choice for individuals who are active and dislike the feeling of wearing glasses.

Specialty contacts

Are Specialty Contacts Dangerous?

Specialty contact lenses are a fun way to change your eyes to look like your favorite entertainer or to create…

Man rubbing his eyes

Itchy Eyes and Contact Lenses: What to Do When the Itch Won’t Stop

Do your contact lenses spend more time in their case than in your eyes? Identifying the source of your itch…

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How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Are your eyeglasses streaky and smudged no matter how often you clean them? Try these tips to help keep them…

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Will I Need Reading Glasses?

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), beginning approximately around the age of 40, most adults begin to experience age-related…

Pairs of different colored glasses

What’s in a Frame?

Choosing the material of your eyeglass frame is the first order of business, since that will narrow down your search…

Two women wearing sunglasses at the beach

What to Look for in Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from these damaging rays is essential for keeping your eyes healthy. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses…

Young couple wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses: More than Just Fashion

Sunglasses can make us look awkward or chic, but their real value lies in their ability to protect our eyes.

A hand holding up a pair of glasses

Selecting the Right Glasses

A few easy tips can help you choose glasses that look and feel so great that you forget they are…