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Frames for Your Lifestyle

After learning that you need prescription lenses, finding glasses that best suit your looks may be paramount in your mind.

Man with thick black glasses frames

Frame Your Face: Which Frames Look Best?

Finding frames that fit your face, your style and your budget isn't always so easy. Luckily, there are a few…

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What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?

Have you ever wondered why your eye care provider spends so much time carefully examining your eyes?

Optometrist during an eye exam

What to Expect During a Routine Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are the first line of defense against eye disorders, such as chronic dry eye, inflammation, glaucoma, age-related…

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The Science Behind Perfect Eyesight

It's easy to take vision for granted when the eyes perform flawlessly. However, when eye problems crop up, it's hard…

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Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery

Choosing laser eye surgery is a big decision. Here's a guide to how to prepare for your laser eye surgery.

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Optometry Versus Ophthalmology: What’s the Difference?

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians all play an integral role in eye and vision care. Learn the difference between the two.

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Considering Laser Vision Correction

Laser correction surgery refers to a class of surgeries in which a high-powered laser is used to reshape the surface…